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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Cookery 2/2 10 Recipes (5,800 baht.)


Thai Cookery 2/2 10 Recipes (5,800 baht.)

  Course Outline
  1. Chu-chie Kunge Yai (Lobster in Red curry) 
2. Srange Va Kung Phla Dook Foo
(Grilled large shrimp Salad with fluffy Catfish) 
3. Kai Ping Panang (Grilled chicken with panang curry ) 
4. Tom Yam Kung (Hot and spice shrimp soup) 
5. Kaeng Pa Nang 
(Vegetables and Grilled Beef with hot chili paste soup) 
6. Keang Jead Kalam - Plee Sod sai 
(Pork and shrimp filled cabbage soup) 
7. Kanom Jeen Nam Ya Puk Tai 
(Thai rice noodle with hot and spice southern style sauce) 
8. Moo Peay (Deep fried mince pork and salty mackerel) 
9-10. Kao Mun, Som Tum, KAI -Yang 
(Coconut rice with Papaya salad and Grilled Chicken)

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