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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Cookery 4/2 10 Recipes (5,800 baht.)


Thai Cookery 4/2 10 Recipes (5,800 baht.)

Day Start Time Location Register
Mon-Fri 05 - 09 Nov. 2018 9.00-12.30 Sukhumvit Branch Register
  Course Outline
  1. Yum khoong foo (Deep Fried Prawn with Salad) 2. Pad Cha Thalay (Fried Seafood with Chili) 3. Phla-Chorn loy Suan (Deep Fried Cat Fish with Chili Sauce and Vegetables) 4. Ka Beuang Thalay (Crisp Flour with Seafood) 5. Phaneang Moo (Fried Pork with Red Curry) 6. -Meang Phla Two (Spicy Thai Tuna Fish Hors d’ourue) 7. Khua Gling Si Krong Moo (Spareribs with Curry in Northern Style) 8. Tom Yum Khoong Ma Phaw On (Hot and Spice Lobster with Young Coconut Soup) 9. Yum Phak Boong Tod Krob (Crispy Water Green Leaves Salad) 10. -Khanom Jeen Nam Prik (Thai Noodle with Shrimp Curry)
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