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1. Thai Cookery > Easy Thai Cookery 9 Recipes(5,200 baht)


Easy Thai Cookery 9 Recipes(5,200 baht)

Day Start Time Location Register
Mon-Wed 10 - 12 Dec. 2018 1.00-4.30 Sukhumvit Branch Register
  Course Outline
  1. Pad Kra Praw Kai (Fried Chicken with basil leaf) 2.Kai Loog Keuy (Fried Egg with sweet chili sauce) 3. Lab Mu (Minced pork spicy salad) 4. Panang Neua( Beef in dried curry paste) 5. Hoy Lai Pad Prik Praw (Fried clam showder with chili paste) 6. Pra Sum Lee Dad Daew (Fried cotton fish with mango salad) 7. Neua Pad Num Mun Hoy (Fried beef with oyster sauce) 8. Tod mun Khoong (Fried Shrimp Cake) 9. Kao Pad Supparod (Fried rice with pineapple)
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