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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Salad Cookery (Pla and Yam) 15 Recipes


Thai Salad Cookery (Pla and Yam) 15 Recipes

  Course Outline
  1. Yam Yod Ma Pow On (Yung Coconut stem salad) 2. Yam Mae Mind (Pork & Chicken and squid salad) 3. Pla Ta Lay (Seafood salad) 4. Yam Sam Pee Nong (Squid Shrimp & chicken salad) 5. Yam Moo Came Wan (Pork salad with flesh kale) 6. Yam Hou Pee (Flower banana salad) 7. Yam Pak Ka Na (Kale Salad) 8. Yam Hed Kam Tong (Finger Mushroom salad) 9. Pla Koung (Shrimp Salad) 10. Yam Pok Tak (Seafood with shrimp paste salad) 11. Yam Ma Keun Yaun( Long egg plant salad ) 12. Pla Meau (Beef salad) 13. Yam Ta Kai Sa Mon Plai (Lemon glass & herb with shrimp salad) 14. Yam Ma Keun Pod (Egg plant salad) 15. Yam Yurn ( Meieed meat & vegetable salad )
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