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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Appetizer Cookery 10 Recipes (5,800 Baht)


Thai Appetizer Cookery 10 Recipes (5,800 Baht)

  Course Outline
  1. Kao Tang Nha tang (Crispy rice with shrimp sauce) 2. Kai Nung Sam See (Steamed Egg with mince pork) 3. Kanom Pang Nha Kung (Deep fried Shrimp on Bread) 4. Pun Sib Sai Pla (Steamed Puff with fish fried) 5. Ka Tong thong Sai Kai (Golden crispy cup stuff by Chicken) 6. Kanom Chow Mong Sai Khung (Steamed Dark indigo flower flour with sweet filling) 7. Kanom Jeeb Thai (Shrimp Dumpling & Thai Style) 8. Tung Nyeun Tung Thong (Golden warp and Silver warp crispy) 9. Kao Kreab Pak Mor (Steamed flour warp with sweet pork) 10. Por Pea Tod (Deep fried Spring Rolls)
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