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3. Thai Dessert > Modern Thai Desserts 12 Recipes (5,000 Baht)


Modern Thai Desserts 12 Recipes (5,000 Baht)

  Course Outline
  1. Ka Nom A-Lour Goo-Lap (Sweetened and crisp with coconut syrup) 2. Woon Krob Dowk Mai (Sweetened Agar Agar and crisp) 3. Ka-NomThard – Ge-Sorn (Sweetened coconut on golden tray) 4. Woon-Sai-Rung (Rainbow Sweet Agar) 5. Woon-Look Chub (Sweetened Agar with Mung Bean in Fruit Shape) 6. Woon Fai Thong (Sweetened Agar with Sweet Egg Yolks) 7. Ka-Nom–Luem-Guen (Sweetened Flour cover with Coconut Cream) 8. Ka-Nom-Kleeb Lam Duan (Thai Flower Cookie) 9. Ka-Nom-Chow-Chom Poo Noot (Steamed Flower Flour with Sweet Filling) 10. Khaw Neaw Tap Tim Moragot (Steamed Sticky Rice with Sweet Coconut, Sweet Bug’s and Sweet Shrimp for Topping)
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