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3. Thai Dessert > Custard-Pudding 12 Recipes (4,800 baht.)


Custard-Pudding 12 Recipes (4,800 baht.)

  Course Outline
  1. Sang Kha Ya Bai Toey (Sweetened Pandant Custard) 2. Sang Kha Ya Peag (Sweetened Taro Custard) 3. Sang Kha Ya Chocolate (Sweetened Chocolates Custard) 4. Sang Kha Ya Cha Yen (Sweetened Special Tea Custard) 5. Pudding Touw Dang Cha Kiew (Red Bean Pudding) 6. Pudding Cha Kiew (Green Tea Pudding) 7. Pudding Kluay Hom Chocolate (Banana and Chocolate Pudding) 8. Pudding Custard Jelly Mix Fruit (Jelly Mix Fruit Pudding) 9. Pudding Nom Sod Fruit Salad (Fresh Milk and Fruit Salad Pudding) 10. Caramel Custard (Caramel Flavoured with Custard) 11. Pudding Nga Dum ( Black sesame seed Pudding) 12. Popular Souvenir Thai

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