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6. Chinese Cookery > Popular Chinese Fast food Cookery 12 Recipes (6,000 baht.)


Popular Chinese Fast food Cookery 12 Recipes (6,000 baht.)

  Course Outline
  1. Khao Phat Poo (Fried Rice with crab and egg) 2. Ka Po Pla Nam Dang (Fish mow in Red Sauce) 3. Steamed sticky Rice with Sweet Taro 4. Shianghai Noodle in Three Flavour Sauce 5. Special Cooked Rice with Nam Liab 6. Chicken Noodle Platter 7. Fried Noodle in Shanghai Style 8. Fried Noodles and Fish with Salty Black Bean Sauce 9. Fried Noodle in Hongkong Style 10. Crispy Shrimp with Salad 11. Special Fried Oyster in Hot Plate 12. Fried Noodle in emperor Style
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