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Cake and Cake Decoration

Day Start Time Location Register
Sat 20 Apr. - 25 May 2019 9.00-4.30 Sukhumvit Branch Register
  Course Outline
  1. Butter cake
2. Mocha cake with butter cream
3. Coffee roll (coffee cream)
4. Sponge Banana cake
5. Chiffon Strawberry cake (strawberry cream)
6. Fruit chiffon cake
7. Chocolate cake (chocolate nut coating)
8. Fruit cocktail jelly cake
9. Basic coated cake and card design, border design,
   cream icing mixing
10. Make rose, daisy with cream icing, royal icing mixing
11. Decorate on Petti four cake, Butter cream icing mixing
12. Decorate with rose on round shape
13. Decoration with carnation on round shape
14. Decorate with Daisy on chocolate round cake

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